ViewStation by itsenclosures reinvigorates past project at the mall at partridge creek

Mt. Pleasant, PA (April 21, 2015)
-- ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce another successful ViewStation installation at the Mall at Partridge Creek, located in Clinton Township, Michigan - a suburb of Detroit. The project was originally completed in 2007, when ITSENCLOSURES installed two 50 inch ViewStation Universal enclosures with 4000 BTU air conditioners. 

In 2014, The Mall at Partridge Creek reached out to ITSENCLOSURES, once again, to brainstorm the possibility of installing all-new enclosure models. The Mall wanted to upgrade to a more energy efficient solution that would eliminate the need for the air conditioner. 

outdoor LCD Enclosure by ITSENCLOSURESITSENCLOSURES was tasked to create a custom bracket allowing the existing post (from the first project) to remain mounted in the ground. Partridge Creek also requested that the speakers be incorporated into the front of the enclosure. The previous LCD enclosures had separate speakers mounted on the post (directly under the ViewStation enclosure), which had been vandalized a few times over the years.

The Mall at Partridge felt that the original project was a wonderful investment. Dennis Dettmer, Operations Director at the Mall exclaimed, “The previous units were very high quality units! They performed admirably. We place a term on all assets and this was a seven year term.”

With the advancement of technology, ITSENCLOSURES suggested the installation of energy efficient/fan cooled, full sun outdoor LCD enclosures. The Mall unanimously agreed to the state-of-the-art enclosures and installation began in the summer of 2014. ITSENCLOSURES removed the original enclosures and installed the new, energy efficient, fan cooled units.

Designed around the use of a 47 inch high bright LCDMall at Partridge Creek Outdoor LCD Enclosure by ITSENCLOSURES (1,920 x 1,080, 178° Viewing Angle, Auto Brightness Sensor, Temperature Sensor), the fan cooled enclosures eliminate the need for a large and bulky air conditioner. The monitor has a higher heat tolerance, and therefore does not require as much cooling/energy consumption as previous models. The new enclosures also require far less maintenance and contain a filter that only needs to be replaced every 3-5 years!

ITSENCLOSURES President JT Spangler was excited to improve on an already successful installation. “We love to take customers’ suggestions and create something unique and innovative that will be enjoyed by consumers. As technology progresses, we can offer our clients better and more efficient products,” said Mr. Spangler. “In this instance, we were able to show a client how they can have a superior product that can also save them money in the long run.”

The monitors are viewed and appreciated on a daily basis by shoppers and visitors. Mr. Dettmer explained that the LCDs mainly show sports on the monitors, but they also use them for another purpose. “They are advertiser driven. The sponsors’ messages are played at precise intervals,” said Mr. Dettmer.

Outdoor LCD Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURES

ITSENCLOSURES Product Manager Shannon Roberts added, “Despite loving the previous installation, The Mall at Partridge Creek management wanted to update to the new, brighter displays, which are 2000 nits compared to the original 700 nits. With internal speakers, ViewStation eliminated the need for separate pole mounted speakers, which makes for a clean, sleek, and modern looking presentation. They were also very pleased with the 66% energy savings from the new fan based units.”

The Mall at Partridge Creek’s website describes the mall as “an exciting open-air regional shopping center… It is home to nearly 90 distinctive stores and restaurants. In addition, The Mall at Partridge Creek has amenities unique to malls in Michigan, including: bocce ball courts, free Wi-Fi, pop jet fountains, a TV Court, and a 30-foot fireplace.” 

ITSENCLOSURES is proud to be a part of their ‘TV Court’ and hope to work with The Mall at Partridge Creek on future projects.

ViewStation’s innovative line of products by ITSENCLOSURES provides vandal proof, all-weather LCD enclosures, outdoor digital menu boards, protective LCD covers, and kiosk solutions for all of your digital signage protection needs!  Since 1985, ITSENCLOSURES has been revolutionizing enclosures used by companies in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.  

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