Mt. Pleasant, PA (August 19, 2015) -- In the summer of 2014, ITSENCLOSURES installed 5 outdoor ViewStation LCD Enclosures for COTA, the Central Ohio Transit Authority. Located a few blocks from the Scioto River at 25 East Rich Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio, the LCD enclosures are suspended in a bus terminal, housed inside a transit center where buses constantly enter and exit the garage.

During the installation, experienced staff from ITSENCLOSURES were on hand to assist and Outdoor LCD Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURES installed at Central Ohio Transit Authorityoversee the successful outdoor enclosure installation. The ITSENCLOSURES’ engineering team worked closely with COTA to devise a cost effective enclosure with a space saving ceiling mount. The enclosures and mounting were required to withstand up to 90 MPH winds.

Edward Calhoun, ITSENCLOSURES’ Engineering Manager, explained, “The project’s scope changed during pre-production, so we had to tweak our original design. The changes proved positive for both ITS and the customer, because we were able to beta test a solution that would work for both COTA and other customers in the future. In the end, we were very pleased with COTA’s contribution to the installation and how all parties executed on the project. We are happy to say the enclosures continue to perform perfectly over a year after installation.”

JT Spangler, President at ITSENCLOSURES, added, “I was personally on hand for the installation and we had terrific support from the team at COTA. We always want to deliver the best solution. The ITS team was able to perform at the highest level and deliver some really great looking, durable enclosures for the Central Ohio Transit Authority. Our company truly does design and build the toughest enclosures on the market.”

COTA Outdoor LCD Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESThe LCD enclosures designed for COTA house a 47inch high bright LCD and small-form media player. The enclosure utilizes an energy efficient fan cooled system with a built-in heater to protect against the temperature extremes in Columbus.

Shannon Roberts, Production Manager at ITSENCLOSURES, directed the installation and he was happy with the end results, “Every installation is different. This one was successful, because the crew from COTA assisted us every step of the way. We appreciate informed and experienced people. The installation always goes smooth with installers who know their environment well. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

According to COTA’s website, “The Central Ohio Transit Authority is the regional public transit provider for greater Columbus and central Ohio. With a service area of 1.2 million residents, COTA provides more than 19 million passenger trips annually.”


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