ITSENCLOSURES Celebrates 30 Years Protecting Electronics and Computers


Mt. Pleasant, PA (June 26, 2015)
-- ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce its 30th year in business. When ITSENCLOSURES first started in 1985, the average cost of a house was $40,000, ‘The Cosby Show’ was #1 in the Nielsen ratings, and movie theaters were packed with crowds wanting to go ‘Back to the Future’ with Michael J. Fox. ITSENCLOSURES has come a long way from those early days, but they have never given up on their one true goal, “To safely enclose electronic devices in any environment, protecting them from harsh surroundings, making them more powerful tools, extending their useful life, and above all else, protecting the customer's processes from costly and unnecessary downtime.”

“Each and every day, ITSENCLOSURES strives to deliver the most innovative and highest quality products to our strong base of customers,” said JT Spangler, President of ITSENCLOSURES. “At ITSENCLOSURES, customer service is one of the best assets we offer. Our products speak for themselves and our employees consistently work to keep every customer happy with their enclosure purchase, whether big or small. Obviously, we want every customer to be repeat customers.”

For over 30 years, ITSENCLOSURES expertly creates and constructs the toughest and strongest electronic enclosures on the market. The large line of NEMA rated computer enclosures are ideal for any setting where dust, dirt, grease, liquids or corrosives are present. ITSENCLOSURES’s advanced products, such as IceStation, NetStation, and ViewStation have become synonymous with the utmost excellence in the enclosure industry.

Over the past year, ITSENCLOSURES added exciting new products to the already successful IceStation TITAN product line. New products include a NEMA 4X stainless steel IceStation TITAN and a desktop version of the IceStation TITAN in NEMA 12. ITSENCLOSURES also renovated the ViewStation QSR product line to include Fan Cooled Outdoor Digital Menu Boards for the Quick Service Restaurant Industry. The new outdoor menu boards boast a 66% energy consumption reduction, compared to compressor based cooling solutions.

“At ITSENCLOSURES, we feel that digital menu boards are the future of not only our company, but the future of quick service restaurant drive-thrus across the country and around the world,” Mr. Spangler explained. “They are vibrant, eye-catching, and can increase order efficiency. A quick service restaurant’s sales generally increase by 8% at the drive-thru, when utilizing digital menu boards. We are thrilled to offer these field proven and heavily tested products.”

ITSENCLOSURES plans to add fresh and ground-breaking products to the marketplace this year and in the future. ITSENCLOSURES understands that the company must continue to innovate to be ahead of the curve.

“Inventiveness will always be our #1 goal for the future and our pledge is to always provide the finest, fastest and most flexible service available,” Mr. Spangler commented. “We know that our products are the best and we will constantly work to get that central message out to our current and potential clientele.”


Located 36 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, ITSENCLOSURES designs and builds the toughest computer enclosures on the market. NEMA rated PC enclosures are ideal for any and all environments where dust, dirt and exposure to liquids or corrosives are present.

ITSENCLOSURES' line of computer enclosures, printer enclosures, server enclosures, and LCD enclosures protect a company’s investment and maximize the lifetime of the electronics protected. ITSENCLOSURES’ products are always ‘Made in the USA’ and allow companies to safely use any computer or monitor in the harshest operating environments. ITSENCLOSURES has been helping companies protect technology investments and realize the maximum life cycle of their equipment since its founding in 1985.

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