ITSENCLOSURES Launches Fan-Cooled Outdoor Digital Menu Board

Mt. Pleasant, PA (February 12, 2015) With over 30 years of enclosure experience, ViewStation QSR by ITSENCLOSURES is field-proven by deployments at many popular quick service restaurants throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

ITSENCLOSURES designed its ViewStation QSR enclosure to house LCDs and other electronics in the harsh outdoor environments in quick service drive-thru lanes.  ITSENCLOSURES has developed and incorporated a propriety air conditioner-less cooling system that allows functionality from -20° to 110º F, even with direct sunlight exposure.  The ViewStation QSR enclosure system is UL Listed and built to meet NEMA 3R ratings.


To keep up with the growing demand of outdoor digital menu boards, ITSENCLOSURES recently announced its Third generation ViewStation QSR line.

"We were very excited to launch our Generation III outdoor digital menu boards in early 2015," says J.T. Spangler, president of ITSENCLOSURES.  "The new and improved ViewStation QSR models have reduced operating costs by as much as 2/3 from our original design.  The Generation III does not employ a costly to operate air conditioner but rather direct cooling, innovative filtration and the latest in IPS display technology.  This represents a big leap forward from our first generation enclosure product."

The third generation outdoor digital menu boards are designed around the use of the most up to date IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) LCD panel.  New display technology now offers screens that are brighter with better colors and higher heat tolerant.  This also allows the front end substrate to be heat tolerant almost to the boiling point.  Cooling of the enclosures can be accomplished with filtered ambient air only thus keeping operating costs down.  The Generation III outdoor digital menu boards are leaner, sleeker and more energy efficient compared ITSENCLOSURES' original QSR enclosure offering.  To reduce frequent maintenance, a gore filter on the back of the enclosure is employed to keep out particulate matter and only requires maintenance every 3-5 years!

"Learning about our products is a crucial part to our success.  We test our digital menu boards on site to help us innovate and improve our products," Spangler says.  "We are expecting to unveil even more innovative products in 2015."

ViewStation QSR is installed in over 200 drive-thru locations throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.  ITSENCLOSURES has over 8 years of experience in successful QSR deployments and offers a wide variety of digital drive-thru menu board solutions.  Single and triple screen enclosures are available for specific pre-sell and menu board needs.  Attractive designs include high-bright displays for the ultimate in visibility.  Enclosure solutions are available in standard and custom configurations to enhance the drive-thru experience and match any company's branding scheme.

Download the ViewStation Brochure to browse LCD enclosures, outdoor digital menu boards and digital signage kiosks