With a mix of classic and modern rides, Kennywood Park, located in West Mifflin - a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a theme park known for its thrill-seeking roller coasters (The Racer, Jack Rabbit, Thunderbolt, Phantom’s Revenge). According to the Kennywood website, the park has been around for over a century, “Founded in 1898 as a small trolley park near Pittsburgh, Kennywood was begun by the Monongahela Street Railway Company, which was controlled by Andrew Mellon… Kennywood is one of the oldest and most beloved amusement parks in America.” Kennywood was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1987.


After reviewing enclosure competitors, Kennywood located ITSENCLOSURES during an online search and realized the close proximity between the two companies, so an in-person meeting would be easy to achieve.

Kennywood Park sought a digital signage solution, which could withstand humid Summer days and maintain the LCDs and media players within appropriate operating temperatures.  Kennywood desired to install environmentally sealed enclosures at popular rides and attractions, so that visitors - standing in line - were entertained while they waited to enter the ride. In addition, Kennywood required a simpler solution for areas where LCDs could be installed under a roof – well protected from rain and sun, but provide basic vandal resistant protection. The IT team at Kennywood Park turned to ITSENCLOSURES to learn more about ViewStation Universal LCD enclosures, which are ideal for outdoor environments.

The main challenge would be to protect LCDs from warm, humid Pennsylvania weather, as well as rain and hail. The monitors are placed in storage during fall and winter months. A secondary challenge was to protect the monitors from vandalism and theft. The park wished to install the enclosures on tall poles or walls to keep customers from touching or damaging them and for a larger viewing range for riders in line.

Kennywood installed several 42” and 50” ViewStation Universal LCD enclosures throughout the theme park. The ViewStation Universal enclosures utilize an internal fan system to keep the electronics – housed inside of the enclosure - running at optimum temperatures. The enclosures feature anti-reflective glass windows and tamper resistant locks. For areas not exposed to harsh weather, Kennywood installed CoverStation LCD protective covers, which provide basic protection to the front of the LCD. The CoverStations were installed in well-protected areas that are not exposed to any direct weather. In general, CoverStations work in conjunction with standard LCD mounting brackets and clip onto the four corners of the display.


The robust digital signage is installed near the historic Thunderbolt roller coaster and in other parts of the park, like the popular roller coaster: Phantom’s Revenge, the haunted house: Ghostwood Estate, and the indoor roller coaster: Exterminator. To help reduce the perceived wait times for popular rides, the LCD monitors display valuable information about the park, fun facts, and popular music videos.

"Kennywood was looking to find the best solution for our outdoor digital signage protection needs. We looked at many different options but found the best solution right in our backyard. The ViewStation products have exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with ITSENCLOSURES in the future.” Joel Brennan - Kennywood Park, Electric, Audio, Video & Effects

Kennywood’s sister park, Idlewild, located in Ligonier, PA, also purchased a number of ViewStation Universal enclosures to install at popular rides and concession stands. According to their website, Idlewild has been named the “Best Kids’ Park” by Amusement Today and “Best Park for Families” by the National Amusement Park Historical Association.



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